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But they’re equally effective for Walleye fishing in deep, stained waters across the Midwest.Join Fish ED host Jon Thelen and fellow guide Mike Christensen on mighty Lake of the Woods as they reveal an easy, yet effective system for down rigging crankbaits." View Video "A fishing rod is a major investment to most of us.

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” Why did the fish bite when they weren’t supposed to be biting?

Well as usual, I have a theory and if you’re interested, click here for "I just love lead core trolling, especially once you have it “dialed in”, which Ryan Berzins, Andy Walsh, and I did last weekend.

My partners, somewhat new to lead core trolling, are definitely hooked on it now, as we reeled in over two dozen nice walleye.

It was especially true on Tuesday when calm seas and sunny skies should have killed the Walleye bite deader than a door nail, but they didn’t.

Considering that the weather on Tuesday was far less than ideal for fishing, you may also wonder why I’ve been so persistent with my advice to avoid sunny, calm days.

You could be thinking; “That guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about”, the sun was shining yesterday, the lake was calm and we still caught fish easy.

On the other hand, you could be more scientific in your approach, you might be thinking; “I wonder if there’s an explanation for this anomaly?

I'll bet that after reading yesterday's comments about the full moon, you're curious about how our fishing on Winnibigoshish was on Wednesday.

Rightly so too, because I don't think the weather could have delivered any more perfect conditions under which to test my theory.


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