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Upon receipt the stock is automatically validated against the ASN.

This information at the right time plays a vital role in reducing the dispatch time of the item to the customer.

There are many factors which should be considered before sending a carton to a particular destination and Presuming that the majority of the merchandises comes from the vendors, it is important to ensure that the quality and quantity of incoming items have to be checked.

This process helps to ensure that the stock is ready for the shipping stage.

Below are the features available: Supports the decision making process in planning. DC activities are tracked which helps in creating new strategies.

FACTS WMS has functionality to receive both the ASN & Non-ASN shipments from vendors seamlessly.

a) Importing In- Transit Information Being integrated to other third party systems, Facts WMS can captures the advance shipment notifications (ASN) or the material in transit details.

b) Receipt of the item from the vendor DC has the details of the goods / merchandise from the vendor.

Having the in transit information in the system, it know the item list and details in the carton box.

Marketing department can easily strategize their selling efforts.


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