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I think the point of the movie is that producer Jerry Bruckheimer is trying to duplicate the success of his (and his late partner Don Simpson's) early hit Flashdance (1983) for the Britney Spears crowd.

But to my eyes, that's even sicker than simply making a big screen skin flick.

Will she get up the nerve to sing her own songs in front of a crowd? The four other coyotes (Tyra Banks, Maria Bello, Bridget Moynahan, and Izabella Miko -- as seen on the poster) have very minor parts and barely have any dialogue.

Unfortunately, Perabo has far too much dialogue; all of it bad.

Loooong stretches are devoted to "character" development with her boyfriend, an Aussie played by Adam Garcia. The only good stretches are the dancing, but Bruckheimer insists on his old Flashdance techniques of cutting away before we can get a good look at any lovely female body parts.

Lead coyote girl Piper Perabo (also in The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle) plays Violet, a young songwriter who makes the big journey from New Jersey to New York City to realize her dream.

She quickly finds out that she needs to perform on stage, but suffers crippling stage fright.

So she gets a job at the Coyote Ugly bar, where five sexy barmaids dance on the bar and douse customers with seltzer, booze, and ice.

There she finds that she can sing along with the jukebox with no sign of stage fright.

Anderson Coyote Ugly could have been a classic "nudie" updated for the new century.

Russ Meyer and Roger Corman, among others, were kings of this genre with films like Vixen (1968) and Night Call Nurses (1972).


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