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And please tell me of your experiences so I know what to expect when I start looking and dating. Hi there I'm a white (Caucasian) English girl/woman.

I'm not married to a Pinoy but I did meet a really nice guy when I came over for a trip over Christmas and New Year.

I live in London so its not like I don't get to meet loads of guys from different places but something struck me about him. Got to be realistic though - its not exactly going to be easy... You have to bear in mind that white can mean all different things - do you mean English, or American or German or French or ...

Just because we're white it doesn't mean we all have the same tendancies/temperaments etc.

There seem to be a few Pinoys whose fantasy is to have a relationship with a white girl - but not many who would marry one - apart from you, and the guy I know!

Check out this thread for some more 'insights' into Caucasian girls By the way - if you want to meet one I'd suggest you get over to Europe, Australia or the US as we're in abundance over this side of the world!! If it can be moved to Buhay Pinoy, then by all means move this there!

This question has been bugging me for the longest time.

But I notice their numbers are way fewer than the pinay women who marry foreigners.I do want to marry a foreign girl (a caucasian in particular, a group that I have a weak spot for).Its not that I don't like Filipinas or am ashamed of my Pinoyness or anything but they just don't interest me that much unlike the caucasian chicks. If anyone happens to be posting on this thread, please tell me where your wife comes from so I can know where my chances are strongest.PEX needs a thread where Pinoy males can talk all about their experiences dating or getting married to Western women!If any of you Pinoy males out there have had experiences being with Western women, feel free to discuss it here in this thread! Caucasian women are easier to go out on a date than pinays, sorry to say this. I regret not entertaining foreign women before, even if they are the ones approaching me because I was pig headed in thinking that pinays are the only ones I should entertain.Oh yeah, may mga Hong Kong chinese din nagpakita interest but did not entertain them too.

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