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751 flicks available from Amateur Movies section, 58 ex-GF vids, 591 picture galleries…

Damn, even if this stuff is all not exclusive, it still is worth buying access to, no shit.

The quality of content at this site is, um, very different from scene to scene.

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With its latest email, Weight Watchers has gone one step further in providing support for its members and potential members who embrace a Vegan diet.

Publishing a “Cuisine Intensive” web page assembling a list of “Vegan: Essential Ingredients” and cooking techniques, as well as organizing several recipes posted on their website through the years, Weight Watchers has taken one of its most official and public stances to date acknowledging the growing population of plant-based eaters.

Weight Watchers sending an email to its members promoting the headline of “The Ins & Outs of Eating Vegan” would have been unfathomable several years ago – it is truly a testament to the growing awareness of the benefits of a Vegan lifestyle, as well as the demand for plant-based alternatives that has developed by leaps and bounds in recent times.

I wanted to share one of the listed recipes which has gotten rave reviews – Senegalese Peanut Stew with Spinach and Sweet Potatoes.

I can’t quite explain it but every time I come surfing homemade porn sites, I get totally absorbed by them.

They don’t always offer content of decent quality and many of them supply the same vids over and over again but… Share Adult is one of those examples, as it seems – filmed with cell phones, basic cams and camcorders, its videos are anything but True HD but still they are so arousing. Let’s go take a closer look at them in this review.

The free tour of this homemade porno collection is very basic – it looks just like a real amateur porn site is supposed to look.

A dozen of short teaser clips (VERY hot, I must say – and maybe even exclusive cause I haven’t seen anything like them on the Net before), a bunch of screencaps from other scenes and that’s pretty much it.

Oh, sure, there’s also that Submit Your Content section where you can post your videos in exchange for a tiny hope to win some dough and a free membership at the site. That’s what is said to keep this site going, so it works here after all, I suppose.

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