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I’m not exactly sure why an interview was done with Ji Chang-wook (there wasn’t any talk of his upcoming project Healer), but if every actor comes across as likable and grounded as this one, I won’t ask questions, just happily translate. Regardless of whether they were successful or not, in my heart, each project is given a similar weight.

He wrapped shooting on would mark a turning point in my life, and of course I am thankful to the show. Among those, of course, is my first lead role in character.

“I’m of the belief that when a script is released, it is the actor’s job to really know the material.

Memorization is a given, and isn’t it also true that the actor should think about how to interpret and how to move in scenes?

If I play a psychopath, I would need to show that person’s crazed lunacy accurately and clearly.

I need to have a complete understanding of a character first, if I want that character to resonate with audiences.” He has a special relationship with costar Ha Ji-won; the actress is his university sunbae.

Ultimately, I decided not to—I figure that as time goes on and I take on more characters, eventually viewers will probably call me by a new name,” he laughed.

Ji’s played several characters and has received much critical praise for his performances, but he’s embarrassed by the accolades.

“When I hear positive feedback, I’m very embarrassed and shy about it.

I’m very grateful when I read a favorable review or receive a nice phone call, but I also don’t know how to respond.” While viewers applauded his turn as Ta-hwan, he said he doesn’t feel the need to erase [or one-up] his character from the minds of the public.

He’s admitted that it was hard to get close to her at first—although he doesn’t look it, he is very reserved.

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