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(Bishop) What is driving this increase in academic dishonesty, and what are the effects of an academic career that thrives on cheating.

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The honor code states "A cadet will not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do." This was by far the largest violation of the honor code in West Point history and presented some unusual challenges to the administration.

As the year dragged on it was found that more and more students possibly had cheated on the assignment and was also becoming a public relations nightmare in the press and internally to the Army branch of the United States militar...

[tags: West Point Academy Cheating Essays] - Cheating There is an ever broadening problem spreading throughout colleges all across America: cheating. Cheating is on the rise, but schools and colleges are not far behind with ways of dealing with it.

On graduation day, Luke graduated with high honors.

He was accepted into one of the best universities in the state.

When applying, he was asked to sign an honor pledge so he was able to get into the school....[tags: Essays on Cheating] - In a poll taken at Iowa State University, 53% of the upper-class students cheated on a test or plagiarized a paper while at Iowa State, 91% know someone who has, and 18% know someone who has been punished for cheating. Each time he had homework, he depended on his friends to get it completed.Every time he had to take a test, his desk partner or cheat sheet was always by his side.His grades were then much higher than average, and people expected so much of him.He had cheated so much during high school that it had become his daily routine.

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