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And when you look at how our population has exploded between 1950, when it was about 37 million, even then corporate Nigeria as known today had not evolved, the Northern and Southern Protectorate, by 1962, l think we were about 47 million and now we are 180 million.

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Power plants are just multiples of the small generators we use at home and just as the generators use fuel, petrol or diesel, the big power plants also use fuel.

The fuel sometimes is gas, sometimes it is water where you have hydro-plant, sometimes it is coal.

So we just need to understand that we are dealing with big generators, there is no mystery about it.

Let me also say that our energy supply is also behind the growth of our population.

Today, in March 2016, we have just about 5,000 MW of power on the National Grid for about 180 million people.

Now, we have been producing power since 1960 or thereabout, the old Electricity Corporation of Nigeria (ECN), the predecessor of the National Electric Power Authority (NEPA) and the Power Holding of Nigeria (PHCN), was created by a 1950 Ordinance and it started operations in 1951, probably over 60 years and from that time the cumulative power we have generated is 5,000 MW and we got to that a few weeks ago this year.

So if you do a breakdown of about 66 years you look at averagely about 75 MW of power per year.

What are the components required for generating electricity?

Perhaps the place to start is to say that the whole purpose of this discussion is to simplify what appears to have become a very complex issue.

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