Online dating made easy the things you dont know

You may have seen many other dating advice sites for women out there on the Internet. In fact, much of the dating advice for women out there is harmful and/or ineffective!Are these the "revolutionary" groundbreaking techniques that are really going to help you attract the man you want and keep his attention?Or is following their advice and "acting" or dressing in a way you THINK your man is going to like make you look plain cheap and easy?

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Our path of Self-realization challenges us to transform every belief that gets in our way! Whether you are married, living together, in a same-sex relationship, separated, divorced or single, our free relationship advice, resources, and confidential soulmate reading services can help you to deal with your relationship difficulties.

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If you are serious about turning your dating life around and capturing a guy's interest and KEEPING it, then this might be the most important webpage that you'll ever read! Perhaps there is a particular man that you would like to get to know better...

What is it about the dating scene that you find so hard? Do you want to break the cycle of bad relationships that you have had and get some answers to what you have been doing wrong? The silly, useless tricks these women use actually make the men in their lives LESS interested in them.

Are you getting back into the dating game and feel like all the rules have changed? You don't have to be beautiful, smart or rich, to be successful with men. If you believe that lie, you are never going to get anywhere with men.

Very few women are born "naturals" when it comes to men.

Most women need to be taught what men want and how to be successful with men.

Dating is a tough game, and forming new relationships with people is even harder.

One of the most vital desires of the human heart is to find fulfillment in a growing sense of intimacy, love and tenderness with a Beloved.

There's a longing for a union of Spirit, soul and body which would allow the passion, pleasure and playfulness of the cosmos to dance through our being, to assist us in re-awakening to our innate divinity, to dissolve feelings of separation, isolation, and assist us in manifesting our soul purpose.

If all this sounds like pure fantasy we can be encouraged by Ancient Hebrew wisdom which affirms, "And with a generous hand you (God) satisfy the desires of every living creature." Ps 1.

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