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Thank you for taking the time to visit, a Sports Dating Inc. The possibilities and plans were drawn out on napkins and scrap pieces of paper. was conceived in a small coffee shop in Lexington, KY.The idea is to give sports fans an online dating site where they could meet other fans of their team.

We hope that when you visit, you look for the good, and maybe the not so good, things with the site and let us know! Thus, this site will evolve from the feedback that you pass on to us. Brandon Crabtree & Shane Munson Founders, Sports Dating Inc.

Do you think creating a profile is too difficult on the site? Is there a feature that another dating site has that BAMAmeetup doesn’t have? Do you think that the search and matching program are awesome? We embrace the level of passion and commitment that comes with this fan base.

Rooting for Alabama is not something you do, it is a lifestyle! When they are struggling or lose, you throw things. We hope that you will find love on this site and create future Bama fans!

Fox Sports analyst Jason Whitlock said on Tuesday's episode of "Speak for Yourself" that "the #1 issue that gets talked about among black sports fans" is "black athletes and white women." The comments came in a discussion about the "dangers" of social media for athletes, who can't seem to win no matter how they approach it.

With this website, members can chat, send messages, share photos, and create relationships based on these experiences.

The member search feature even includes custom search variables, such as search by favorite team or sport.

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After Cowherd spoke a little on the treacherous territory of Twitter and other social media platforms, Whitlock cited recent online backlash surrounding Cleveland Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving, who got "beat up" on social media for posting a video of himself on a yacht "full of white women" (screenshot above).

The issue Whitlock brought up next, if the races were reversed, would have kicked off a media firestorm and urgent calls for yet another re-renewed national debate on race relations.

"Kyrie Irving is out having a good time, celebrating. "I will say this, Kyrie Irving just got caught up in probably the #1 issue that gets talked about among black sports fans: black athletes and white women.

Love in Sports LLC is an online dating business catered to passionate sports fans.

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