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As they explore, questions come up, among them, "why has this apparently not at all happened before"(honestly, has no one thought of "hey, let's look for our buddy" before at this place?), and "how is it that the dark past of others going missing does not phase these kids in the slightest until it happens close to home? With that said, the plot is engaging/original(if not necessarily compelling; it lacks fleshing out, in instances also background, expects us to be affected without much reason to) and delivers twists(if a little of the successful build-up does not get a pay-off), and there aren't many holes.

This records notes and the like that you find(if not all of them).

And this doesn't make you pause to access items. Other than that, this is really easy(though there are 3 difficulty settings).

However, you are three presses of buttons away from any use, and I don't believe you can walk as you do(attempting so will cycle them). No puzzle(they tend to have a strong sense of logic to them) slowed me down(there aren't a lot of them, either), and it's short enough that one can complete it in a single day; two, tops.

A group of young teenage friends sneak into their school, Leafmore High, to find their missing friend Kenny.

Among them are deadly creatures and staff which hold deadly and mysterious secrets to the mystery that lives within the school. The cover makes claims that I want to start by addressing; yes, there is punk rock in this, but it's not very common to it(the effective and fitting score is, and that's a plus), and I really would not call this a "slasher"(unless the word can mean something other than flicks like the Friday the 13th, Scream and numerous other series).

You play as Ashley, Kenny, Shannon, Stan or Josh and try to make it out alive. It makes sense to compare it to Resident Evil(that I've hardly played) and Silent Hill(that I swear by); I'd say that this especially takes inspiration from the latter, and learns from several of the handful of mistakes(and certainly doesn't feel like a clone or an inferior copy).

The aiming system is excellent; it enables useful strafing and is one of the most dependable I've tried that didn't require a mouse or a substitute for one.

Doing so unlocks bonus stuff, a bit of which encourages you to replay, two music videos(Span and Sum 41) and a 3 min non-verbal BTS with footage at different stages of production.

The final boss is cool, as is the fight against him. runs; don't even think about quoting South Park) disappears there, his test-cheatin' best friend(Zeke from The Faculty(who clearly hasn't passed this level of education in half a dozen years...


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