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To run an update you need to have a method on your object that takes userid, name and surname, your object must support either an empty constructor or the method must be static.

Then simply have a boundfield on your detailsview with visible=false on it and everything should work properly.

Now I need a method for updating data and for this I cannot use the class Device, so I would like to use the "Row Updating" method of that grid from the code behind.

I want to use the Row Updating-method from my code behind and not the update method from that Object Data Source. Maybe you have to write a class directly for that Grid View to delegate the update and select methods to other objects.

My current solution is a method in the class "Device" that just goes back via a "return" command and so the Row Updating from my code behind is doing the job... I think it would be useful for you: [Data Object(true)] public class Some Service { private Device d; private Your Updater Class yuc; public Some Service() { this.d = new Device(); = new Your Updater Class(); } [Data Object Method(Data Object Method Type.

As you can see in the image above our Grid View contains five columns.

User ID, First Name and Last Name are template columns and Edit and Delete columns are Command Columns which are added using smart tag option (You can view the smart tag if you right click on the Grid View control).

i have an object that has properties (userid,name,surname) i added just field userid and "name" on details view. i can i handle the object that objectdatasource creates to apply update parameters on?

i want to use updating event to initialy create my original user entity then objectdatasource will update name property on this original entity. on update process i can not handle object creation that update process will use.

Select, true)] public List Hm thank You for Your answer, but it is not possible to use the Update-Event of the grid right?

In this article I will show you how you can use the Object Data Source with the Grid View control to do editing, updating, deleting and adding new records.

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