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For this reason, it is expected that anyone involved in health care will have steady work for years to come.

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I consider myself extremely fortunate: I have great jobs, friends and family. by Monteee - Hey, I'm 25 years old with a 2 year old son.

I'm currently working a full time job as an admin assistant. Im a single mom that desperately wants to go back...

by allnurses - Nurses - Are you an entrepreneur at heart?

It took me longer than some to figure out my career choice and I finally found my calling. by trauma RUs - The American Association of Nurse Practitioners will host the 2016 Specialty and Leadership Conference in Rosemont, IL on September 22-25.

Four tracks will be offered along with many networking...

In the next ten to fifteen years, the baby boomer generation will reach retirement age and move to nursing care facilities, by which time the healthcare industry is expected to see a great amount of growth.A strong system of qualified healthcare personnel will then be needed to help manage all aspects of health care management.Have you considered starting a business or are you looking for a unique nursing career alternative?Do you already have a business but would like to... I am young and started when I was eighteen years old.While I was a teenager, I was always on drugs or drinking, finding some way to escape my boring life nyugirlx19 - Why I choose nursing is a question I get asked quite often and here I explain why.

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