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Clara Baby Legs posts a video refuting claims she’s a golddigger, Keemstar does an interview with Bashurverse where they agree that a sexual misconduct arrest was overblown, teenagers making awkward accusations — it’s just another bizarre day in You Tube.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen a controversy unfolding on the video platform that stretches back something like 11 years.

So all we can do is present the facts as we know them and let you decide who is right or wrong (or if anyone involved is either).

It all begins with a You Tube channel named Bashurverse, run by Brandon Dylan Ashur.

Brandon was let go with what he terms “a slap on the wrist” and as his charges don’t warrant Sex Offender status, he was not placed on the Sex Offender Registry, which would have required him to disclose his status and location on a publicly available watch list for life.

Brandon points out that despite the charges stating UTWAM, he was actually charged with Sexual Misconduct, a much lesser charge.

Fast forward 11 years and Brandon is now a successful You Tuber with his Minecraft-heavy Bashurverse channel.

A gamer/challenge channel with over 1.7 million subscribers, Bashurverse has a manic energy that appeals to young people — stick a pin in that fact, we’ll circle back to it in a second. 30, 2004, Brandon was arrested and charged with Unlawful Transaction W/ A Minor.

The speculation was that this was a 20-year-old man having inappropriate online relations with a 13-year-old girl … Considering that he was arrested in 2004 and he was born Sept.

9, 1985, clearly the “20-year-old” part doesn’t hold up.

And as for the victim, she was allegedly 15 at the time, not 13 as initially thought by the gossipers (although she was apparently a just-turned 15 and Brandon was an 18-almost-turning 19).

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