Nude coed public chat

No one ever did this, and I sort of got the impression that it was bad form.On the other hand, people tended not look each other directly while showering, and there was an unspoken rule that you should face the showerhead at all times.Even so, I saw a lot of dicks in my time at the co-op, and every male resident there at some point saw me naked.

Luckily for them, these hotels are redefining casual dress with policies that let guests bare it all (or almost all).

So take a peek -- a little voyeurism never hurt anyone.

THEHotel at Mandalay Bay on The Strip, Las Vegas, Nevada The Moorea Beach Club at THEhotel -- part of the Mandalay Bay hotel complex -- has a rowdy pool party, exclusive to guests over 21.

Says her dad, "The men just disrobe in the middle of the room." Jaschik writes that transgender students have argued in favor of coed bathrooms, but Williams alum Wendy Shalit has complained about the "forced proximity" of male bodies, and even linked coed bathrooms to "the decline of traditional dating." And while I can't say I know much about traditional dating or its decline — I suspect the idea that people always loved, fucked, or hooked up in a certain way is total bullshit — I do know something about coed bathrooms.

When I was a junior, I lived in a co-op with a giant, communal, coed shower.

There an individual shower stall downstairs, but it was mainly for the purpose of Americans with Disabilities Act compliance, and I didn't know anyone who used it.

Instead, everybody observed a certain basic etiquette — you were supposed to knock on the shower door, and the occupant had the opportunity to ask you not to come in.

Poolside massage services are available, and "European" sunbathing (read: topless sunbathing) is permitted.

According to Scott Jaschik of Inside Higher Ed, freshman Jennifer Weiler's suit says all the buildings in her college should have separate bathrooms for men and women.

When she first complained about the coed facilities, Green Mountain designated a women's bathroom in her dorm — but men kept using it.

The bathrooms had shower curtains and stall doors, but according to Weiler, men often disregarded these partitions.

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