Not updating past woot items

Sent me a much cheaper laptop than the one I ordered. One would expect at least it should "try" to act like Amazon, right? And then they are doing everything they can to not acknowledge the cascading $#*! I ordered an HP Envy laptop as a refurbished model. Anyway, laptop showed up as expected and the keyboard doesn't work. I get ahold of HP directly and trouble shoot the laptop for 3 days straight. I had ordered 2 invicta watches off of their website and upon opening the packages i found 1 empty invicta box and 1 watch that wasnt what i had ordered.I asked them to send the one I ordered, they said they didn't have it and then sent me a label so that I could return the one they sent me, and when they get it back they'll start the refund process. It acts totally the other way-- it is Amazon's flushing toilet! Can't contact woot by telephone and they are absolutely no help through email. It's finally determined that the keyboard is bad. never sent HP a purchase update like they are required to do so now my Laptop is out of warranty 3 days after it arrived. Both receipts had invicta watch numbers that looked nothing like the watches that where displayed or described on their website.If you like the idea of getting what you ordered, I wouldn't bother with them. I have windshield wipers that are so dry rotted that the rubber had crumbled off the frame and was laying in the bottom of the blister packaging they arrived in. This is why I fall into this trap -- I give too much trust to Amazon! When I saw refurbished I though open box and returns.

Anyway, I did contact ex-employer and they refused the package.

One item was clearly a child's size, and I only ordered adult items (the only option actually). I guess Woot's customer service folks don't know how to talk to their warehouse folks.

I canceled my order the day after I placed it--three times--and they shipped it anyway. Received an order with a popular name brand, several items HAD NO TAGS. These were to be given as gits and are now useless. I checked the order status and it was still "pending/not shipped".

The point is this: I did everything I could once I realized my mistake, to get the order re-routed to my home or new job...

Doesn't matter if it's not ethical to sell sheets from China that can't be washed. I've given the details to both Fed Ex and Woot, copied woot on my contact with both ex-employer and Fed Ex.

I had the receptionist at the old employer email me what happened and she confirmed it was returned.

However the Fed Ex tracker still shows "Delivered".

I have a Bluetooth speaker that wouldn't hold a charge for more than 5 minutes. Some states would file criminal on woot for doing business this way. When I used a program that could access the hard drive, it found the hard drive had been on for 890 days So far works fine, but I would not knowingly buy something so old I ordered something on and tried to cancel it the same day in an hour.

I have a dress shirt that is marked "Large", but is clearly a small. I bought a "Refurbished" and "Microsoft certified" Dell workstation from Woot. It looks even older than my old desktop which has been used for more than 2 years. It cannot restart by itself, which makes it no better than a brick cause when you try to upgrade the system it has to restart several times to finish the job, but it can't!!! Apparently they dont cancel your orders if its after 15 minutes.


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