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This publishes the poll on your Poll response page (i.e. To activate your poll from the My Polls page, click on the Activate icon, located to the right of the poll. When you are ready for the audience to respond to your poll you will need to activate it.Select the polls you would like to group by checking the box next to each of their titles.

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If your menu looks like this, please keep reading this section: If instead your menu looks like this: Please click here to skip to instructions for the new method. Surveys are great for self-paced questionnaires, pre or post session assessments, and quizzes. To group polls, go to your list of polls on the My Polls page.

To create your first poll, click the Create button from your My Polls page. Only one poll can be activated on your presenter page at a time, so the only poll visible to your participants is the poll you are displaying in fullscreen mode.

Poll Everywhere offers many poll types, including multiple choice, word cloud, upvote-downvote, rank order, clickable image, and open-ended polls. The poll is automatically activated when in fullscreen mode.

To activate your poll from the poll chart click the activation button, or simply put your poll in full screen mode.

You can edit the group’s title by clicking the edit icon to the right of New Group. Next, convert your poll group to a survey by clicking the Convert to Survey Link. Click on the title of your new Survey to configure your survey options.

Keep in mind, this will change the properties of the polls within the survey. When you are ready, you have two ways to share your Survey.From the My Polls page, you can send your participants a Survey response link by clicking on the Share link, or you can activate your Survey to display on your Poll response page.A poll is a single question you pose to your audience. The next poll will automatically activate as you advance through your polling slides, dynamically adjusting your presenter page.You can sign up for a free account and create your first poll in a minute or two. Poll Everywhere offers many poll types including multiple choice, open-ended, Q&A, ranking, and clickable image polls. You can always access the Activate icon by hovering over the upper right side while in fullscreen mode.But if you’d rather not sign up first, click the big red button on the Poll Everywhere home page and try creating a poll. You can group polls to create a self-paced survey that participants can complete on their own.Just remember that if you don’t create an account, your poll question and results will not be saved. To create your first poll, click on the Create button from your My Polls page. We are currently experimenting with two different ways to create polls. This is useful when your participants are not together at the same place at the same time. A group is just a named and sorted list of polls to help organize your presentations and poll content.


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