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This means that they can like you, but still send you a lot of mixed signals just because they are shy.

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Heisan, jeg er en singel jente som er ute etter spenning og deilig sex.

Er en jente som liker action, selv er jeg veldig spontan og søker sextreff og spenning: ) Eneste som mangler i min daglige hverdag er en som kan I am a honest person, who like to live a helthy life.

I like to be active, like hiking in the summer, and go skiing in wintertime. I have many friend that I love and care for u can be one of them if u don't mind.

Like other developed countries, many Norwegians are still single. The Norwegians are considered to be a friendly, nice and polite people, but a bit shy and reserved in the beginning.

Because of the cold weather we cannot be outside all the time like in warmer countries, so maybe that is why we can appear a bit special to newcomers.

Still there are many sites where you can meet some nice people, just have patience and understand that they are a bit shy before they get to know you better.

They tend to warm up a bit when they get to know you and trust you. All the members there switched over to Facebook or more specialised nice sites.

Still, they are kind and good people and they don't really want to be alone. That is why we recommend these websites to find a Norwegian online. The old social sites like Spraydate, Nettby or Blink list don't exist anymore.

Or go here for Danish sites to find out about the Danish love live.

And if you rather would like to read Norwegian, go to the page about marriage for those who speak Norwegian.

The Scandinavian countries are very open and close together, you can even cross the borders as much as you like without the need for any papers or passport.

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