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And I am sure there would be many others too; but i know only two of them.

These teens actually get revenues from ads they publish on their websites, which contain rich and useful content.

But unfortunately, there is a pool of people who are using this power for internet for bad means.

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Before I start, let me say sorry to those who will get hurt by this post!

Earning Money through websites is a hot topic these days.

And it is so good that people in Pakistan are realizing the power of Internet.

There are very many successful examples around us, very young guys like Saad Hamid and Haris Nadeem, who are earning thousands of dollars a month from their websites.

There is a privacy policy on the website, to actually prove Webster innocent, but just imagine how this website can make the lives of innocent girls miserable, against just few hundred dollars a month (through adsense).

There is no contact number given on website, but domain name WHOIS gave me following information Registrant: Akbar Intl.

Akbar Mirza B-77, Khayban Islamabad, Punjab 47050 PK +92.03005109085I am leaving this equation open here, to get solved…!

This website, called Pk Mobile is even worst – I was shocked to see how they are spreading mobile number of girls. you can enter name and phone number and press submit and this number will get published.

I believe this 4 months old website has thousands of such mobile numbers of girls.

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