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Here, we will present only the necessary summary; enough information to establish the context and to achieve practical results.

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They are created or modified using a Kerberos-specific administrative tool called .

When users type in their principal name and password anywhere on the network (within a Kerberos realm), their input is authenticated against the Kerberos database.

In case of a successful authentication, the KDC ("").

By the end of this guide, you will have a functional Kerberos environment and one Kerberized service — the ability to login remotely to other machines in the network in a secure, encrypted and transparent way, without the need for typing in any passwords.

This article is part of Spinlock Solutions's practical 5-piece introductory series to infrastructure-based Unix networks, containing Debian GNU Guide, MIT Kerberos 5 Guide, Open LDAP Guide, Open AFS Guide and Free RADIUS Guide.

Kerberos is a service that has been traditionally captivating system administrators' and advanced users' interest, but its (seemingly or not) high entry barrier and infrastructure requirements have been preventing many from using it.

Kerberos has already been the topic of numerous publications.

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