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Anyone dubious of their spouse's faithfulness should be aware that the technology gadgets they use every day may harbor information on what they’ve been up to.Before crawling through their personal information, we advise consulting an attorney to ensure any electronic-eavesdropping or hacking laws aren't violated—if things get ugly, you don’t want that hanging over your head.And, of course, be prepared to deal with the fallout should your spouse catch you snooping.

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At that time, you can remain as a family but the Ask to Buy option will no longer be available as they are considered an adult at that point.

You can’t turn on the news or open a newspaper without seeing a story about Tiger Woods’s family issues—along with salacious text messages and voicemails that he supposedly sent to his alleged mistresses. There have been many high-profile divorce cases and scandals that came to light through damning evidence generated by or stored on personal tech devices.

Of course, infidelity is not limited to celebrities, sports stars and politicians.

According to a report in the in 2008, the General Social Survey conducted by the University of Chicago shows that 10 percent of spouses—12 percent of men and 7 percent of women—admit to having cheated just within the past year.

Once you're done, you can allow your child to start using their new Apple ID on any i Phone or i Pad they have.

Anytime they try and make a purchase, you should be asked to confirm it, as long as you chose to enable the Ask to Buy feature.

Once they're 13 or older, you can decide to let them manage their own ID going forward, if you'd like.

Otherwise they can remain on your Family Sharing account with Ask to Buy enabled until they are 18.

Are there numerous calls to numbers you don’t recognize, especially at odd hours of the day or night? Or, if you have a history of cheating, why hasn’t she dumped you? Snooping your phone while you are in SURGERY, instead of, say, praying for you or waiting for you to get better is just CREEPY. CLEARLY none of you who say just leave have never been in the position where a relationship you’ve been in for 10 years went from good to stale to just f***ed up. And closure and catching him in the act or being flat out wrong is the only way I will get that.


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