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One longtime music industry executive, Steve Gottlieb – who founded independent record label TVT Records and launched the careers of musicians like Nine Inch Nails – has translated his experience with live musical performances into the creation of a live chat platform, Shindig, which offers authors and publishers the opportunity to monetize the broadcast of those live events.

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“This is a great way for online media to broaden their reach and create excitement, a great way for freelance writers and authors and bloggers to create multiple platforms through interviews and events around their content.

In a way, this is a media creation platform.” Gottlieb started thinking about developing a live chat platform after watching his son play games online with people he didn’t know.

The lack of identity “just kind of gave me the creeps,” he said.

Video seems to be the hot new thing in print publishing.

Between the recent Newfronts, and efforts by the New York Times, which took down its video paywall, and the Huffington Post to get in on the ad dollar pie for digital and streaming video, everyone wants to better utilize and monetize video.

The International News Media Association even released a report that reviews the industry’s efforts thus far, and offers tips on making video work for traditional newspapers.

This attention to video as a new digital revenue stream has opened up the door for entrepreneurs ready to pounce.

Google+ hangouts doesn’t come close in terms of scale.

To compare, G+ only allows for 10 attendees and provides no options for charging to attend a hangout.


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