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This first version of the Holo Lens, intended as a first peek for those developers who will be building the holographic apps of the future, will cost ,000.

You have to apply to Microsoft directly, starting today, before you'll be allowed to buy one.

Second, Microsoft announced, in a separate blog entry, the apps that will come with the Holo Lens Developer Edition: None of this software is quite ready for a commercial release, Microsoft says.

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The specs also reveal that the Holo Lens uses a "c The Holo Lens still has some issues to be ironed out before it's truly ready for mass adoption, namely its high cost and its still-very-slim hologram viewable area.

And Microsoft is being very careful not to repeat its past mistakes with the Kinect, released before it was truly ready.

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When it comes to actually building apps, the Holo Lens actually runs on a custom holographic version of Windows 10.

Microsoft is trying to make it as easy as possible for developers already familiar with Windows to bring their apps to holographic life with Holo Lens.

On a side note, Microsoft also announced that this summer, Holo Lens Developer Edition will get Actiongram, a software tool for making "mixed-reality videos" that integrate real-life with holographic special effects.

Finally, Microsoft disclosed the hardware specs of the Holo Lens, including its 2-3 hours of battery life with "active use" and its 2-week standby time.

Today, Microsoft released a flood of new details on the first, developer-focused version of its Holo Lens holographic goggles — including a release date and information on the Holo Lens' apps and hardware.

The Holo Lens, first announced just over a year ago, is a standalone device from Microsoft that actually overlays three-dimensional holograms into your field of vision.

The technical term for what Holo Lens does is "augmented reality." It's very cool, even if consumers like you and me still have to wait a long while for the official release.

The first piece of news today: The Microsoft Holo Lens Developer Edition goggles will start to ship to qualified developers on March 30th, according to a blog entry.


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