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Her head is cocked to the side, she slyly peers out from the corner of her eye, lips moist, not quite smiling. Eye Candy is a blowout of a regular XXL feature spotlighting attractive young women in cheesecake outfits and poses (this issue of the magazine’s spine carries the truth-in-advertising appellation “T&A ETC.”).

Most of the women spotlighted in the “Eye Candy” section can be seen to fuller effect in your average rap video, gyrating about as the love interest / sex interest / obligatory female jiggling various body parts.

Except that Ford ain’t wearing a bikini on the cover: only a wide-brimmed hat, a necklace, and a strategically draped arm.

And this is no ordinary cheesecake book; this issue is devoted to Ford herself, her background, her plans for the future, her calendar shoot in Jamaica, the DVD of said shoot, her zodiac sign, and so on. Ford would explain why people think she can sell magazines. Once upon a time, Ford was studying forensic psychology at York University in her native Canada when she was discovered by rap video director, Little X.

After that first taste of the biz, she moved to New York City, working under the table as a bartender while learning the industry ropes.

Eventually a crewmember came in and regulated the situation; he could see how terrified I was about even moving an inch. One pinched me, another walked around me, a gentleman poked me with his cane, a lady used her parasol to ascertain that all was ‘natural.’ Master Hendrick sometimes used a long piece of bamboo to prod me around or move me forward or backwards.

But worst of all, the laughter — raucous, lewd, predatory, and hate-filled — never stopped.

It erupted at the slightest excuse, a stumbling foot, a tear, an epithet from a spectator, the shrill whistles and catcalls of the gallery.” Her ample bosom is barely contained by the bejeweled black satin bustier.

She stretches its straps down past her wide, curvaceous hips, her full, round thighs beginning where the skimpiest of bejeweled black satin thongs ends. A humble testimony to the work of God, genes, and personal trainers? This is Melyssa Ford in all her glory, on the cover of XXL Presents Eye Candy, a semi-annual spin-off of the popular rap publication.

“On that same [video] set, I had to wear a short, tight dress.

I had some downtime, so I sat in one of the rooms where the food was set up. Within a few minutes, fifteen guys were surrounding me, and I was trapped. I didn’t want to get up because I knew if I did, they would start making a fuss over my ass.


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