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Jason (right) is a Hebrew natural — nice, studious and trustworthy — true hubby material.

Ethan Kaplan, 23, was raised in conservative Judaism, went to an Orthodox middle school and is well-versed in Jewish humor.

He was, your grandmother might say, a real mensch — the epitome of a nice Jewish boy.

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The 2014 edition has sold more than 10,000 copies, and Cohen even secured a cross-promotional deal with the popular Jewish dating site JDate.

But not everyone is onboard with Cohen’s version of how nice Jewish men should be — or how they should be portrayed.

When Astoria playwright Duncan Pflaster placed a Craigslist ad in February for models for a “Naughty Jewish Boys” calendar, he called it an alternative to the “emasculating ‘Nice Jewish Boys’ [sic] calendar currently out,” claiming that his would “show the sexy side of Judaism.” Pflaster soon received a letter from a lawyer representing the other calendar — actually called “Nice Jewish Guys” — claiming that “Naughty Jewish Boys” was close enough to their trademark to confuse consumers and requesting that Pflaster stop using the name.

[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which A-list leading man who has been paying a lot of attention to his hair recently – would be better off focusing on his nasty breath?

“It is almost impossible not to notice the nasty smell coming out of his mouth.

It smells like something died in it,” one movie insider tells Naughty But Nice Rob.

Clad in just a yarmulke and his boxers, Jonah (left) leaves little to the imagination in his pinup calendar picture for “Naughty Jewish Boys,” due out later this year.

Hearing of a photographer seeking Jewish men for a sexy calendar, he agreed to pose, and did the most not-nice thing a Jewish boy could do: He posed for the shoot in the nude, with nothing but a tzedakah box — the box Jews use to collect contributions in temple — to cover his schmeckle.

“Jewish men are looked at as having no attractiveness,” says Kaplan, a senior at Hunter College who’s majoring in film. In Hollywood, Jewish women are starting to be seen as beautiful — with women like Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman — but you don’t hear about Jewish guys that are sexy.” A battle to define male Jewish sexuality is playing out on two competing wall calendars — one filled with mensch after mensch, another that’s decidedly less kosher — and now, the battle’s gone legal.

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