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So I would say give this anime a shot it is well worth it for anyone who has ever enjoyed Naruto or Bleach(RIP). "he tries to save people he cares about and alter situations as only he can, by coming back to life at a certain point in time after being killed. But he is trying to change himself, he is in a metamorphosis stage, full of confusion, doesnt really know how big consequences can be for his actions, he still doesnt know what to do in certain situations, like a child seeing something new, etc.- Why won't you save the people you care about? ""until he goes COMEPLETELY INSANE" - can you teach me how not to get insane when Im at the OP's situation?

If I were to keep losing the people I care about definitely I would go Insane, unless you have a heart of steel only 25 episodes?

Voer verschillende aanvallen uit om je tegenstanders in elkaar te meppen en zorg ervoor dat jij als laatste overeind staat. Kies een van de bekende gezichten uit verschillende series en maak je klaar voor de strijd! Kies je favoriete anime-personage en ga het gevecht aan met de vijand! Voer talloze aanvalscombinaties uit en bewaar je speciale aanval voor het juiste moment. Kies een anime-personage en versla al je tegenstanders. Kies je favoriete personage uit Naruto, One Piece of een van de andere anime-series en begin het gevecht!

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Everyone brings something to the table to make this anime work. There are very few episodes that I would consider fillers but the story line moves along.

I hate to compare different anime shows but has anyone been keeping track of the Naruto Shipudden fillers?

I love the Naruto series but if someone is going to bash a series for taking the slow route I believe Naruto wins with no comparison.

If you take a break from any show anime or not and binge watch them all at once, that is obviously the most fulfilling way to watch anything. He just ends up constantly trying new tactics to change the scenarios that aren't favorable to him or his loved ones"----If you really watched the story you would have understood what type of person Subaru is, He is not intelligent nor a genius, he is a slacker and does nothing major in life.


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