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Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and Joey Kramer of Aerosmith spotted having a beach day in Maui, Hawaii.The Toxic Twins and Joey were all smiles as they spent the day paddleboarding with their spouses and girlfriends and others while enjoying the warm waters in front of the Four Seasons Maui.

The leathery rocker has committed to what he claims is "the first naked chat room on Google+ Hangout." For anyone still reading: The chat will take place on April 8 at p.m., and Tyler will be interviewed by entertainment writer Roger Friedman, who either will or will not be wearing clothes.

He'll also be taking questions submitted on Twitter via @ASCAPEXPO or #Ask Steven.

No word on whether the mic will go scarf-less for this one, too.

An investigation into a prison inmate who reportedly swindled two women of more than 110,000 yuan ($17,717) and forced another woman to visit him at the prison where they allegedly had sex has confirmed that a suspect in Nehe prison, Northeast China's Heilongjiang province, met the victims through a phone chat platform and forced them to come to prison by using their naked videos as threats, reported.

The official probe concluded that the inmate, surnamed Wang, met some woman at the prison meeting hall and dining hall, but only during work days and always under strict monitoring by CCTV cameras and guards. He was first sent behind bars in 2005 for robbery, for fraud in 2009 and for kidnapping in 2012, Oriental Morning Post reported.

He was 58 days short of his 18-birthday when he was first imprisoned in 2005, according to the newspaper.

He was living a comfortable and carefree life in the prison since being sent there in Dec 2012.

He had easy access to banned items in prison because he was rich, Oriental Morning Post said.

His money originated from women outside the prison he befriended via We Chat, a popular mobile messaging/service platform in China.


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