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with "mytop" being an own Debian package, while "innotop" is included in the "mysql-client" package.From both innotop has the more advanced functionality.Both need to be called with credentials to connect to the database: show variables; # List all configuration settings show variables like 'key_buffer_size'; # List a specific parameter set global key_buffer_size=100000000; # Set a specific parameter # Finally ensure to edit to make the change persistent Also have a look at this My SQL config parameter explanation.

You can check documentation and add the logical option # 1.

Stop My SQL and start without grant checks /usr/bin/mysqld_safe --skip-grant-tables & mysql --user=root mysql # 2.

Change root password UPDATE user SET password=PASSWORD('xxxxx') WHERE user = 'root'; Note: the second "FLUSH LOGS;" ensures that the a new binary log is opened on the master with the new binlog_format.

The stopping of the slaves ensures that they open a new relay log matching the new binlog_format.

If both hosts can see each other and one has SSH access to the other you can simply drop one of the ssh calls.

5.5.30) that introduced a new table "events" in the internal schema.

If you run into this you need to decide wether you want to include or exclude the new events table when dumping your database.

To skip: Due to a My SQL bug #68376 you have two choices.

When replication is slow check the status of the replication connection.

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