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Sometimes a new friend would show me her high school year book.

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The rules are definitely different than they were in high school and it's hard to know where, when, how or even whether to start. Is it ok to just ask someone out or will they think you're weird?

How soon is too soon to start dating after you get to college?

Can you handle a new relationship while you're also adjusting to college life?

Years ago in my 20’s, I remember making new friends and learning about their lives.

My bet is this is a simple extension of reading body language, made even easier because people aren’t moving and changing in photos. And you don’t get a second chance to make that first impression.

They remain static allowing for easy study (unless its as photo from Harry Potter movies). So for heaven’s sake, please get some good photos of yourself.If you can’t afford professional shots from something like have a friend or family member take at least 30-40 pictures of you.And here’s the catch – no editing or viewing after each photo is taken. Save the editing and your critical review of yourself for after.This will help you obtain better quality photos and feel more comfortable.After 30 photos – what the heck – take another one right?You will start to relax and then your photos will look better – trust me on this! A casual, relaxed stance is best which doens’t mean its OK to slouch.


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  2. As we age, the ratio of women to men grows further apart. is 0 too much to spend to attract a fabulous man??

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