Mr right dating

Firstly, you need to be out meeting people and I don't just mean in a dating capacity. Be your wonderful self around all these people and subtly remind them that you are single and you are open to meeting a decent guy.

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After years of hit and miss, tag and release, a few bad choices...

the list goes on, I decided it was time to get a bit smarter about things.

So, instead of just leaving it to fate I realized I needed a plan.

Meeting your beloved, the one who makes your heart beat faster and knees go weak needs structure and perseverance because it's actually a numbers game.

As lame as it may sound, unless you are incredibly lucky, it's absolutely right.

For myself, never has a truer word been said, as having been single on and off for many years and finally settling down and marrying at the age of 48, I am testament to it!

However, I do class myself as a bit of an exception.

Most people are hooked up well before they hit 48 but as I was not, it makes me more versed in the pitfalls and perils of trying to find Mr Right.

Some things on your tick sheet are going be deal breakers whereas other things you may be able to be more flexible about.

For example, I don't smoke and my deal breaker for my Mr Right was always a smoker.

It was an absolute non negotiable for me and to back down on that issue would have been disastrous for me. You may really like to play a particular sport and hope to find a partner that does the same.

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