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By Narayana Murthy, we don't mean the IT czar from Bangalore, but a lesser-known person from the same state of Karnataka in India.

Known as Vaidya Narayana Murthy, he gives out herbal medicines weekly to thousands of patients ailing from different diseases, from kidney stones to heart disease to different kinds of cancer.

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Every Sunday and Thursday, early in the morning, people from all over Southern India and elsewhere in the world queue up in front of his house.

With the help of his family and aides, Murthy serves his patients.

On these days, he treats around 600 to 700 patients troubled by different diseases.

Murthy listens intently to each patient for a minute or two, looks briefly at any lab reports they bring, and dispenses medicine, for 15 to 30 days depending on the ailment, free of cost.

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In the video above, Narayana Murthy demonstrates how he harvests bark from living trees to make free herbal medicine for indigent patients with severe illnesses.

The patient needs to take these medicines with specific dietary instructions.


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