Mobile dating application intimidating things to do

It’s definitely the way to go if you aren’t in a rush.[Price: Free with in-app purchases] Couplemaker Dating is a great dating app for those who want to take things slow.

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Of course, this can be spun into a dating service if you use it for that sort of thing.

Like all dating and geolocation-based apps, you’ll likely get a few spam bots and have to ignore people you don’t want to talk to.

Otherwise, it’s a fairly solid app to meet some people around you. [Price: Free with in-app purchases] Coffee Meets Bagel is an up and coming dating service that’s similar to Tinder but more refined.

The general idea is that once per day, you’ll get a “bagel” which is the app’s nomenclature for a match.

If you like them, you can say so and if not, you can swipe away and wait for the next day.

It’s based on mutual friendships and matches will get a private chat room with a selection of ice breaker questions to get you started.

It’s a little less random than Tinder and gives you matches in a less overwhelming way.

It really is ironic that dates are still so hard to find for so many people in 2016.

We have social media, smartphones, messaging services, and all kinds of ways to communicate but breaking that barrier into the dating world is just as difficult as it ever was.


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