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Stainless steel hardware will look especially chic.

The Booster helps secure your leg to the boot in a positive fashion which is needed by all skiers and for that matter all movement.

Casual sport enthusiasts need proper fitting snug footwear to enjoy their sport.

A good rule of thumb is to match the flex index of the boot with the model Booster Strap. Less than 100 flex – Intermediate, 110 to 130 –Expert, and greater than 130 the World Cup.

The Booster being elastic is placed against the tongue of the inner liner and tensioned it creates a perfectly snug fit between your leg and the ski boot.

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In other words it eliminates any extra space at the boot top.

Therefore when your shin pushes forward at the start of your turn the movement immediately gets transmitted to the boot and therefore the ski tip telling the ski to turn. You can remove the rivet with a drill and a ¼” bit.


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