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Hopefully that takes us to some new story areas next season," she added.

Getting back to the big wedding fiasco in the finale, Schmidt and Cece exchanged vows only after a loads of drama.

It seemed like Schmidt took a heroic detour to get Cece's mother to the wedding, who had earlier been a no-show.

With New Girl wrapping up season 5 on 10 May, showrunner Liz Meriwether has set the stage for season 6 where fans may get see new couples romancing on the hit Fox show.

She has also kept doors open, in case old flames – Nick and Jess – plan to get back together.

The comedy series ended season 5 on a high with the wedding of Schmidt and Cece, some epic drama, and a drinking game that left everyone reveling at the show concluded.

In two back-to-back finale episodes – titled Wedding Eve and Landing Gear – New Girl took fans on a nostalgic trip as another couple finally tied the knot by overcoming a billion obstacles.

When Megan Fox surprised everyone with a baby bump on the red carpet of Cinema Con in Las Vegas on Monday night, a lot of things went through our heads, not the least of which was: Who's the father?

After all, Fox and Brian Austin Green filed for divorce in August of last year. She took to Instagram on Tuesday afternoon to put the baby daddy rumors to rest—sort of."#notthefather," she captioned a photo collage that shows her with three of her male co-stars from previous movies and TV shows. Shia La Beouf, Will Arnett, and Jake Johnson aren't the father to bundle of joy.Clearly the showrunner wanted to introduce certain complexities that could act as a catalyst for old relationships, namely guest star Megan Fox, who made a comeback in the finale episode as Reagan to start afresh with Nick played by Jake Johnson.However, as Jess is single after breaking up with Sam, she has finally started acknowledging her feelings for old love Nick Meriwether explained how she could reintroduce romance between Nick and Jess in season 6."We're trying to figure out a way to reintroduce the dynamic but in a new way," Meriwether told The Hollywood Reporter."Jess is out of the relationship with Sam [David Walton] and sort of pining for Nick, while he's starting his relationship with Reagan [Megan Fox].


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