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“They must be dating footballers, or rich businessmen” I’d think. I knew that the act of putting it all down on paper would force me to organise my ideas. Deconstruct everything down to the most precise do-this-say-that level. Ten years from now when I look back I want to say “that’s the best I could’ve possibly done it.” I won’t bore you with the stories of how hard I worked to get this book ready. We begin with a discussion of precisely what we are trying to achieve with daygame and what meta-level mindsets underpin it.I’d try to put it out of my mind because it was too painful to see such beauty and never get a piece of it. Right now there are a thousand little “tells” you are emitting which show her you’re a Guy Who Doesn’t Know. They know you are the guy who gets led a merry dance until they’ve milked you of attention and resources. 99% of men have never been allowed into the Secret Society. And those guys have a barren sexual future stretching out ahead of them. Writing this book has improved my own success with women. There’s a horde of charlatans and idiots out there. Fundamental misconceptions about daytime pick-up are dealt with such as being too nice and showing too much of the Provider Chump weaknesses.Men who’ve never fucked a hot woman are writing ebooks and presenting themselves as Players. I outline the deep rhythm of seduction, Composing The Symphony, and the importance of continuous push-pull to drive the interaction towards sex.

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Then you need this 32-day, studio-recorded audio course and 70+ workbook. We will never rent, sell, or trade your email address. There are now more women online than men—but you have to have an "edge" to set you apart from the other men.

This amazing course takes you step by step through everything you need to know to create a successful dating lifestyle, no matter what your life is like now! This booklet is that "edge," showing you how to find and efficiently seduce hot women online. "I didn't realize how many 'rules' there really are for seducing women on-line, so I am grateful to the authors.

I especially liked all the guidance they gave me for how to write personals ads, and the REAL EXAMPLES of emails written back and forth with women, and the examples of real Instant Message conversations, with the commentaries." Ron Louis & David Copeland have worked successfully with hundreds of men from all over the world.

The purpose of this site is to help you discover lots of free, useful tips to improve your seduction skills today, and to introduce you to the simple and effective seduction tools created by Ron Louis and David Copeland.

Louis and Copeland are the best-selling authors of "How to Succeed with Women," with more than 100,000 copies sold in seven languages.

They are also the creators of other simple and effective seduction products.. If you don't know how to talk to women so they think of you as more than "just a friend," then this is for you!

Have you been away from dating for a while, or never dated at all? I've listened to the Mastery Program many times so far and continue to learn and perfect my skills. Discover exactly how to create real, genuine romantic and erotic connections with women, without having to use artificial-feeling "canned patter" or memorized routines. "Getting your program made a huge difference, and after buying it I find myself in the wonderful spot of actually turning DOWN women.

Individual coaching is very effective for men who are shy, afraid around women, re-entering the dating world after divorce, who need help creating dating plans, who want to find and develop long-term relationships, and who need help coming out of their shells.

I want to show you how to confidently walk up to your ideal woman and within moments have her laughing and smiling, mesmerised by your charisma, then walk off with her number. After years bedding women, thousands of interactions on the streets from London to Istanbul to Rio De Janeiro, I have finally deconstructed the process. I’d walk down the street and see beautiful leggy girls glide past me. Every success I have is due to learnable personal charisma. is your desire to attract the most stunning, intelligent, wonderful women in the world. The life that you know deep down is the one for you You cannot believe the freedom I enjoy. Imagine living in a world where: When you get Daygame Mastery you get to see a world that 99% of guys don’t even know exists. It was time-consuming enough just posting about my adventures on the blog.

I can roll up into a new city anywhere in the world and by the end of the week have a hot local girl in my bed and dozens on my contacts list. Short skirts, heels, hair flowing like a shampoo commercial. You get to live in the top tier of men – the guys who get access to the best women – whilst everyone else is stuck with the leftovers! I was too busy travelling the world and seducing women. Literally I was so busy dating and sexing women that I didn’t have time to write. I committed to making it the very best book I was capable of. Every single trick, hack, idea, line that works for me is in the book. So let’s take a closer look at each component, shall we?

It never even crossed my mind that I could fuck them. I knew that once the book is done it will stand the test of time. This chapter covers everything that happens before you stop the girl.


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  2. However, once you’ve slept together and you both are satisfied with just having sex without having a full blown relationship, then realize the fact that you must respect those boundaries you have created for yourselves.

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