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St Lawrence is situated approximately 155km south of Mackay, 177km north of Rockhampton and 6km east of the Bruce Highway.

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The remains of the port and abattoir constructed using convict labour are also accessible.

The Court House and Police Station was built in 1879 and has been repainted in its original colour scheme.

The Centenary Pavilion located at the sports ground (beside the tennis courts) was constructed to celebrate the Shire's Centenary in 1979 with the collection of past machinery and relics. The Recreation Grounds on the outskirts of town provide year round camping facilities and amenities for travellers and is available for hire for functions.

Overnight camping at St Lawrence is charged at $10 per night for a maximum stay of 14 consecutive nights.

The St Lawrence Wetlands are key perennial wetlands within the St Lawrence Creek system.

This forms part of the greater Broadsound Wetlands – listed in the Directory of Important Wetlands in Australia.

The Wetlands' depth varies, being at its highest between January – April and lowest between September – November.

Please be advised it is recommended travellers fill their vans prior to arrival at St Lawrence, as currently there is no potable water available for filling caravans.

St Lawrence does have water available for drinking, showering and cooking.

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