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Find a therapist in the area Click here to search our online directory for therapists specializing in EMDR.

You can also click here for a list of some of the EMDR clinicians who specialize in veterans and active duty personnel.

This program was founded mainly to support veterans of our current wars, and most are veterans who served in Iraq or Afghanistan.

They help veterans access VA care and will advocate for better health and mental health services.

Go to: State-funded Outreach Centers: Outreach Centers are non-profit organizations that receive state money through Mass. of Veterans Services (DVS) to assist veterans and their families with a range of services.

To find the Veterans Service Officer in your community, look under the phone book listings for your city or town government for “Veterans Services”.

You can call your city or town offices to ask for the officer’s phone number.

Statewide (MA) Advocacy for Veterans’ Empowerment (SAVE), (888) 844-2838.This Massachusetts program offers initial assessments of veterans at risk of suicide and mental health problems, by telephone and outreach work by a team of SAVE counselors.Appointed by municipal officials in our communities, they offer a helping hand to anyone in their community in need of guidance or assistance in matters relating to military service.Campus-based officers help veteran students with financial aid matters, federal and state education procedures, and more.Community officers assist with medical benefits, annuities, state financial assistance, shelter, education, veterans’ services, and more.All VSOs should know how to link veterans to available federal and VA programs for veterans, as well as state programs.


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