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Allow the list box control to receive keyboard focus when the user presses the TAB and SHIFT+TAB keys.The TAB key shifts keyboard focus to the next control with the %WS_TABSTOP style, and SHIFT+TAB shifts focus to the previous control with %WS_TABSTOP.

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True transparency is achieved by using Regions - see MSDN and/or the Platform SDK documentation for more information.

So, you could create a new List View, transfer all items from virtual to non-virtual, or vice versa as needed. Read the Hitch Hiker's Guide to Getting Help on the Forums. Hala to another VB6-General: Leandro Ascierto I wouldn't worry too much about LVS_OWNERDATA unless you're planning on having 100,000+ items in your list at a time.

Then position/size the new Listview over the old one, make it visible, delete the old listview. Here is the list of TAGs you can use to format your posts Here are VB6 Help Files online {Alpha Image Control} {Memory Leak FAQ} {GDI+ Classes/Samples} {Unicode Open/Save Dialog} {Icon Organizer/Extractor} {VB and DPI Tutorial} {XP/Vista Manifest Creator} {User Control Button Template} {std Picture Render Usage} Thanks La Volpe, Currently I managed to tame vh Grid to behave like a proper Listview (for now I can do that when I initialize the usercontrol) ..I would like the functionality of switching from normal listview to virtual on the fly. I also noted that your style of answering/advising members is constant..since I met you online, way back.... If you're still pursuing group view, using LVS_OWNERDATA with that is a far more complicated problem (MSDN says it isn't possible, but it is via undocumented features).

Spend a few minutes browsing the FAQ section of the forum.

I will fight it (vh Grid) until I'm victorious..hacks whatever it takes. oleexp projects: [Customized Open/Save dialogs with IFile Dialog] ~ [Replace Directory TV/LV/LB with real Explorer instance] ~ [IShell Library for Win7 Libaries] ~ [ITaskbar List3: Overlays, progress, and more] ~ [IFile Operation for modern Copy/Move] ~ [List/execute associated handlers with IAssoc Handler] ~ [SHDo Drag Drop/SHCreate Data Object for OLE/IDrop Source-less File Dragging] ~ [Show Explorer drag image on any control] ~ [Show previews for files beyond just images: IPreview Handler] ~ [IStorage for Unzip w/o shell object/3rd party DLL, and create/add to zips with IDrop Target] ~ [Easy image display/rotate/scale: IShell Image Data; IImage List primer] ~ [Core Audio For VB6] ~ see more oleexp projects ~ All of my Code Bank submissions fafalone, thanks for replying.

I managed to add Listview groups to vh Grid (although not in LVS_OWNERDATA)....i just needed the dynamical switch but i thought of a different approach.that I retain vh Grid as a grid(LVS_OWNERDATA) and listview groups within vh Grid.

After i cleanup the mess i created in vh Grid while testing and twiking the grid..i will post it. General) and try running it with 'Break on all errors' to see if you can recreate the error in the IDE to find out what it is.

The first control in each group should also use %WS_TABSTOP style.

The next %WS_GROUP control in the tab order defines the end of this group and the start of a new group.


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