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14 include: "[…] with a multi million dollar airline comes the responsibility of getting people their luggage! Totally makes sense."When someone accused the megachurch pastor of "losing it" on Twitter, Noble responded: "If I embarrass you then unfollow! The New Spring leader went on to add that his second mistake was taking the attention off of Jesus and focusing it instead on a personal issue."Instead of focusing on what JESUS had done in our church that day ...

" And "Would also like to say thx to @American Air for sending my wife's luggage to Washington D. I completely misdirected people toward something I was angry about personally," the pastor writes.

If the interaction I had in that time period hurt or offended you, I apologize.

I definitely 'fell down' in my walk with Christ, and now …

I'm getting back up and dusting myself off," the pastor added.

Noble concluded his blog post by thanking American Airlines for the "hundreds of times" it has safely flown his family and friends around the world and delivered luggage on time.

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Perry Noble, pastor of New Spring Church in Anderson, South Carolina, speaks via a pre-recorded video during The Nines 2014 online conference held Nov. The annual event was presented by Leadership Network.

Megachurch pastor Perry Noble is apologizing for a Twitter rant involving American Airlines, saying it was one of the most "un-Christlike things" he's ever done.


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