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Next with be to get a Date, Partner, engaged, Marriage, and then... Enabling cheats WARNING this disables challenges and trophies, however the game gives you the option to save your neighborhood before the cheats to resume from there later.

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Cheat Codes testingcheatsenabled true - turns the mailbox and stuff on click on your mailbox while pressing shift - give you cool choices moveobjects on - you can move sims and otherthings anywhere unlockoutfits on - gives you all the outfits familyfunds [amount] - gives you all the money you want Once you get your sims to woohoo and you hear the lullaby noise, get the girl sim to eat either apples or water melons! Soon before you know it you can get into a relationship with her.

Make sure to get to know her first but then you can Flirt, Tell a Flirty Joke, and Compliment Personality a lot.

But theres a character named Nina who lives next door to you, blue house on the left side.

Secret If your Sims has a goal like "Get in a romantic relationship", "get married", and/or " Woo Hoo." Heres a quick way to do it but only for the guy I haven't tried the girl yet.

Although you will not make any money by doing this it is a fast and efficient way of getting rid of dirty dishes if your Sim does not have a dish washer.

According to a recent post on Imgur/Reddit, prospective party host Brendan - under the username nasshole - managed to hack his parents' phones in order to guarantee that he would get the 'yes' from his mom and dad in order to throw the bash.Love, an electrical engineering student at the University Campus Suffolk, is accused of working with others to carry out a series of sophisticated cyber attacks on computer networks in the US from the UK in 20, breaking in via the 'back door' to access personal information and credit card details of thousands of government staff.When you uncheck the box next to "Aging", your Sims will no longer become older. Karma Powers Unlockable How to Unlock Bless This Mess - Garden Gnome outside Landgraab house Casanova - Dance Club, near the restrooms Cosmic Curse - Graveyard at night only Epic Fail - Statue at Goth's house Giant Jackpot - Bench near the Lighthouse Muse - Painting in the Art Museum Super Satisfy - Wrought Iron Trellis off path near... The item you previously bought will still be selected, make sure not press anything except the Purchase button.You can also slow aging down in this menu by setting the "Lifetime" bar. Even if you can't afford the item the game will still allow you to purchase it. Unlockables If you buy the Ducksworth of Bathington from a grocery store (or find one fishing) and place it in your bathtub your Sim will get the Duck Time moodlet when they take a bath.Buy as many as you want and when you're done sell all the items you just bought. The Duck Time moodlet gives a +15 boost for four hours.To do this drag an empty plate into a Sim's inventory then drag it to sell.


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