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I’m waiting until a little closer to my due date before making freezer meals, but I definitely plan to share my process and recipes with you all when the time comes.In addition to homemade meals and snacks, I also plan to keep some pre-made meals on hand for quick and easy lunches.

Nyomi Fee, who was convicted of the murder of her civil partner Rachel's son Liam, right, has boasted inside prison that she will be 'taking the place over' and claims she will have free access to drugs and mobiles Fee and her civil partner Rachel, left, who was Liam's mother, were warned they will be in their 50s before they are considered for release from prison after the two-year-long campaign of abuse they waged against the boy A source told the Sunday Record: 'Fee was talking about punting gear in the jail, drugs and sim cards.

She was telling other remand inmates that she was taking this place over when they were done for neglect.

The judge told them: 'In respect of Liam it was plain...

that he had been subjected to a prolonged course of violent behaviour which caused him appalling suffering both physically and mentally and ultimately caused his death at the age of two-and-a-half.'Their callous indifference to his injuries left the child in severe pain, but the killers refused to get him medical aid, choosing instead to search the internet on their phones for terms such as 'how do you die of a broken hip' and 'how long can you live with a broken bone?

They take between 3-5 minutes each to make, and all have 270 calories of less – perfect for the nursing mom who will be trying to shed the baby weight!

These meals have a steamer basket on top to steam the ingredients, then you toss in a tasty sauce below the steamer basket.

They taste fresh and flavorful and the fact that they are 100% natural and made with non-GMO ingredients make me a happy lady!

'These included denying the youngsters access to the toilet then forcing them to take cold showers when they wet the bed; imprisoning one in a home-made cage; and tying another naked to a chair in a dark room where snakes and rats were kept after telling him that a boa constrictor ate naughty boys.

He said the pair were being held in different prisons, with Trelfa - who has been disowned by her entire family - being 'to all intents and purposes' locked up for 24 hours a day for her own protection.

In my typical type A fashion, as soon as I found out I was pregnant I immediately made a million lists.

Lists of things to buy, projects to do around the house, activities to do with Avery while she is still the only child, and a long list of freezer meals to make before the baby comes.

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