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On third day she succumbed to her injuries due to alleged discrimination at a government hospital.Medical staff, say activists, cost Alisha’s life because they spent too long deciding whether she should be treated in the male, or female ward.“Once I went to a hospital, where the doctors asked me different questions like how much do I charge for having sex.

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In 2010, the community celebrated a historic victory when Pakistani Supreme Court ruled that the transgender enjoy equal rights as other citizens.

The court ordered the government issue them national identity cards and also provide them jobs.“The most important thing is acceptance at the family level.

Many parents object to the natural inner-self of the transgender, beating them, forcing them to act like men.

Finally, they kick us out of the house,” Jannat says.

**This notification is intended to clarify a matter in this script regarding the aforementioned play, Teesri Dhun.

To clarify, the play, which focused on the lives of six individuals in the transgender community, was staged at Al-Hamra Theater in Lahore, but was produced by OLOMOPOLO Media.

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