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Seen here: A tiger butterfly sailing across the city's skyline in the spring. Schaben / Los Angeles Times) Los Angeles is a city swaddled in blanket pronouncements.

Why is Los Angeles frequently viewed in such exaggerated terms? Collectively, we touch on California's fantastical origins (it's very name hails from 16th century Spanish fiction), the city's realities (one in which the Midwestern transplants' narrative is being supplanted by narratives about immigrants who hail from Latin America and Asia) and how a city that was built on tropes, to some degree, is still defined by them. was a very different place in the 1860s (mainly, a collection of ranches surrounding a town with a spectacular crime problem).

Why does so much of what is written about it fail to capture its scale, its diversity, its complexity and its ordinariness? Miranda: In preparing for our chat, I thought it’d be fun to poke around the New York Times archives a bit for some early writings on Los Angeles. But it’s interesting to see how the area is characterized.

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In this image, a vacuum repair shop and a storefront church share sidewalk space along Hoover Street in South Los Angeles.

Los Angeles has always been a place of curious juxtapositions: the Mexican and the Midwestern, the high and the low, the imaginary and the ordinary.

(Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times)"Nature has done everything for it and man very little," wrote one correspondent of Los Angeles in 1867.

The Los Angeles Dodgers' 6-4 victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks wasn't the only thing that had Dodger Stadium cheering Saturday — a same-sex couple shared a smooch during the Kiss Cam that had the crowd roaring.

About 30 seconds after the Kiss Cam began scanning the crowd in the middle of the fourth inning, it settled on a pair of men — donning Dodger gear, of course — who seemed all too happy to share the love.

After the couple share a kiss and and give a thumbs-up, the crowd of more than 43,000 people can be heard erupting in cheers.

In fact, the same-sex kiss garnered the most enthusiastic response of the entire Kiss Cam segment.

The You Tube user who posted the video, Joven Calloway, posited that Saturday's smooch was the first same-sex kiss on the Jumbotron at Dodger Stadium, but it's unclear if that's true — especially because the Dodgers have since 2013 hosted an annual LGBT Night Out that spotlights out athletes, guests, and fans.

Los Angeles as a city has been viewed as both utopia and a last stop. It has been hailed as utopia, and it has been described as the end of the line for the American dream. Waldie, author of the genre-busting So Cal memoir "Holy Land: A Suburban Memoir," Lynell George, journalist and author of the essential cultural history "No Crystal Stair: African-Americans in the City of Angels"; and Josh Kun, a professor of communications at USC who has written extensively on the city's food, music and cultural landscape, and who most recently wrote the book and curated the exhibition "To Live and Dine in L. Over the course of the past several weeks, George, Kun, Waldie and I batted around our various ruminations about Los Angeles via email — discussing how the city is seen and how we think it be seen.

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