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Thx for enlightenment Christian Hi, it is probably the second one you said… So indeed in this special case there is no bit-perfect replay, depending on the capability of the dac. Please note that also the resampling quality is not so great…

I guess there is some extra Processor load in the Pi from handling the USB-HD instead of being nicely served by a friendly server.

In the NAS configuration the Pi even did play 192 k Hz Files to my xmos/sabre without stuttering (confirmed with this great …params command).

But this seems quite close to the limit, the output to the ODAC (which had of course be resampled to 96 k Hz) was quite disrupted.

For more info about these different resampling methods see here: Best sinc interpolator is the Secret Rabbit Code, Btw…

True, SRC is ok, if you have to use resampling at all.

I used it with foobar because not all of my dacs are able to handle all sample frequencys and I did not want to hard-convert my music to the lowest common denominator.

Concerning the stuttering – it was completely away when I switched from USB-Drive to Nas via Wi Fi.

The ODAC is by specs unable to convert 24/88, so I would expect to hear nothing at all when I try to run such a file (like in foobar, that makes some "unable" comment).

In fact, I hear something -stuttering, but at least audible.


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