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If you are a parent of children who read posts on MM, then this is one that you should read yourself first, before allowing them to read it, so that you can judge the benefit/harm. She knew the ritual of his visit; his eyes staring her down, the evil lecherous smile on his face which only she could see while the rest of the family saw as the expression of a loving elder relative.

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He advanced from touching to kissing to hugging; at times with clothes and at times without clothes.

He forced her to engage orally with him, and he showed her how to touch herself in a perverse way [masturbation]; he made her experience everything, only stopping at rape.

He had full access to her whenever and wherever he wanted. Little Naureen approached her mother with a trembling body, and fear in her eyes.

She took little steps towards her mother the person who was her source of security and protection.

Sometimes, when he wanted to be touched, he forced her hands inside his pants. She shouldn't be doing this, she shouldn't be here.

Her little hands would shake, her body would tremble, but how could she refuse? She wanted to scream but he put his hand on her mouth; she wanted to run to her mother, but he put a sharp knife on her neck threatening to kill her if she ever said a word to anyone. As he built his confidence, he started having his private meetings with her more often.

Sometimes he would even tie her hands, and sometimes he would even tape her mouth so he could take total advantage of his hands and hers.

In almost each meeting, there was something new; there was something different.

She wanted to confide in her mother and find solace.

Her mouth felt dry as she talked, gulping down her sobs, but when she looked up at her mother, hoping to be hugged and comforted, her world was shattered by her mother's utter disbelief!

She felt as if she was under the scorching sun, with no roof above her for shade against the burning heat.


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