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If you would like to know what bodyart is as a newsgroup please visit The RABbit Hole Queen Spako's Slug Patch All texts written by Anne Greenblatt unless otherwise noted.The Piercing FAQ is maintained on a voluntary basis and is produced for free distribution.

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From: [email protected](Anne Greenblatt) Newsgroups: bodyart,news.answers,rec.answers Subject: bodyart: Piercing FAQ 1--Introduction Followup-To: bodyart Date: Thu, -0700 Organization: Planet Platypussy Expires: Mon, 03 August 1998 GMT Message-ID: X-Trace: 899982572 4488 (none) X-Newsreader: MT-News Watcher 2.4.4 Archive-name: bodyart/piercing-faq/introduction Last-modified: July 08, 1998 Posting-frequency: Monthly URL: This posting contains information about body piercing.

Anyone interested in the subject and/or who wishes to read/post to bodyart should read the Piercing FAQ first.

The bodyart Piercing FAQ is divided into 28 parts: 1--Introduction 2A--Jewelry Materials 2B--Jewelry Sizes & Designs 2C--Facial Piercings & Their Suggested Jewelry 2D--Body Piercings & Their Suggested Jewelry 2E--Genital Piercings & Their Suggested Jewelry 3--Getting A New Piercing 4A--Professional Organizations, Piercing Instruction 4B--Professional Piercers - United States - Alabama - California 4C--Professional Piercers - United States - Colorado - Iowa 4D--Professional Piercers - United States - Kansas - Nevada 4E--Professional Piercers - United States - New Hampshire - North Dakota 4F--Professional Piercers - United States - Ohio - Pennsylvania 4G--Professional Piercers - United States - Rhode Island - Wyoming 4H--Professional Piercers - Canada 4I--Professional Piercers - Beyond N. America Cont'd 5--Care Of New Piercings 6--The Healing Process & Healing Problems 7--Healed Piercings 8--Historical Information 9--Resource List 10A--Personal Experiences - Facial & Unisex Piercings 10B--Personal Experiences - Genital Piercings 10C -- Personal Experiences - Genital Piercings Cont'd 10D -- Personal Experiences - Genital Piercings Cont'd 11A -- Jewelry Manufacturers 11B -- Jewelry Manufacturers Cont'd This FAQ has been rated by Magellan as a Four Star Site! This FAQ is updated and posted on the first Monday of each month.


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