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Even if your audience doesn’t currently use these devices and social media platforms, they’ll gradually adapt them to keep up with their children.

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If you want to reach them, you need to be present when they wish to connect with you.

91% of US teen cell owners use text messaging, either via their mobile phone or an app or website.

Actionable Marketing Implication: Be available via text if you target the teen demographic! 47% of US teens use video chat including Skype, Oovoo, Facetime and Omegle.

Teens have always been known for having a high level of peer-to-peer communication.

It’s generally characterized by being hidden from adults, namely parents and teachers. Teens use connected devices, namely smartphones, to communicate via texts and social media.

Unlike previous generations, teens can interact with their friends without their exchanges being seen or heard.

This matters for marketers because teens are on the leading edge of technology and social media use.

Actionable Marketing Implication: Most US teens use smartphones to communicate and connect to the Internet. Marketers need to be accessible via mobile to reach this demographic or you’re invisible!

Actionable Marketing Implication: Most US teens have access to a computer, even if it’s only in school. Teens can get the same functions via a smartphone or computer.

91% of US teens go onto the Internet via a mobile device.

This rate is higher for African American teens and girls (no surprise.) Actionable Marketing Implication: Most teens are online at least once a day.


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