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Football coach Kane Hutchison can today be unmasked as a serial sex offender who targets young boys.

To the outside world, Hutchison was a respected young coach who played amateur football to a decent standard and enjoyed teaching youngsters.

But he harboured a dark secret - a sexual attraction to teenage boys - which can today be revealed for the first time after reporting restrictions were lifted.

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“That resulted in him having to curtail training in America.” Read more: Gateshead sex offender bragged of false hooligan links in order to groom boys Mr Ward said Hutchison had played for a local amateur team and had coached youngsters there.

He said: “He played for a local team to a reasonable standard in local leagues and has coached children from that club as well.

“He has offered children private coaching sessions at his home address.” The sexual assaults happened in April last year when he invited a youngster to attend an away match between Gateshead and Macclesfield.

Hutchison, who was banned from going to football matches after taking part in a pitch invasion in 2011, invited the boy to stay over at his home, saying they needed an early start.

He told the boy they would have to share a bed and soon announced it was bed time.

Within minutes he began molesting the terrified youngster in the bed, the court heard.

The boy later reported to his mother what had happened and Hutchison was arrested within hours when police found him hiding in the loft.

Now he has been found guilty of inciting two teenage boys to engage in sexual activity on the internet, abusing his position for his own gratification.

The court case last year heard the 25-year-old had been banned from coaching youngsters by the Football Association and had to curtail a training stint in the USA in 2011 after further allegations were made.


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