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Schnell ist klar, dass mit dem alten mächtigen Vampir aus früheren Zeiten nicht zu spaßen ist.

Auch seine Begleiter sind bedrohlich, vor allem die undurchsichtige Ysandre.

Sie versucht, Claires große Liebe Shane zu verführen und lädt ihn als ihr Date zum Ball ein.

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A limited of 300 hand numbered and signed CDs will only be available at the 1st annual GPK CON and a few set aside for sale on JULY 15th at DRCHUD. Bands performing will be: THE HORRIFICS, JUST ANOTHER MONSTER and CHINA KILLS GIRLS. SILVERFOX DRUMSTICKS makes some of the finest hard to break sticks available, if your a hard hitting drummer this is the company for you.

COM for those GPK fans that want the highest quality audio avalable. If you were a fan of the pop culture phenomenon you will not want to miss this film. Get your tickets ASAP, this show will sell out fast! DRCHUD'S X-WARD returns for ONE SHOW ONLY at Dingbatz in Clifton N. - This will be the first time in 7 years DRCHUD takes out his evil mobile medical unit out for a ride! They use a special method of drying out the wood and a special coating that makes them never splinter and hardly ever break!

These singles will not be printed again, album art by ORIGINAL SERIES GPK artist Tom Bunk and current GPK artist Joe Simko! CHUD has been busy in the laboratory with his latest creations! The Sonic Creeps from Maryland will be direct support also appearing Sinners and Half Witted Dogs. DRCHUD is working with SILVERFOX to design his own signature drunstick.

Coming this summer is a two hour film telling the complete story of THE GARBAGE PAIL KIDS!!! IT'S HERE AFTER A DECADE CRAWLING AROUND YOUR NABORHOOD! While we are in the process, go to to see what they are all about.

CHUD releases 2 singles written for the "30 Years of Garbage" film that was just released on DVD. where decades of DRCHUD memorabilia have lived (and died) is about to slowly be released to the public! Amonst the damage was my out building which held alot of my equiptment and held most of my merchandise, although i kept alot in my main house - half of the DFD vinyl stock was destroyed.

The Limited Edition CD will be signed and numbered 1-300 and will be available for a very short time ! Each month DRCHUD will grab a box of his personal memorabilia from THE CREEPY ATTIC fighting off the infamous RATSNAKE to bring to the fans memorabilia and one of a kind items only available here. So I'm letting you collectors and people who bought the DFD vinyl that the ORIGINAL PRESSING OF 1250 OFFICIALLY COMES IN AROUND 600 TOTAL! First up DRCHUD will make an appearance in Northampton, PA on OCTOBER 26th supporting his zombie buds SARDONICA at The Gin Mill, He will be happy to sign anything you have for a pint of blood!

Artwork by ORIGINAL SERIES GPK Artist TOM BUMK, and JOE SIMKO who is a currenty gpk artist! ALSO back by popular demand his HAND MADE drumstix which he hasn't made since 2000! Through the years some of it has been destroyed from the elements and DRCHUD has decided not to let this happen anymore so here is your chance to get your one of a kind items from your favorite DR! AND I'M LETTING EVERYONE KNOW THERE ARE ABOUT 25 LEFT FROM THAT ORIGINAL HAND NUMBERED PRESSING! Also appearing are ol' touring friends MURPHYS LAW, with Supertruck, Dead End Kids, and Society's Blood.

And for those GPK fans DRCHUD will be releasing and selling a very LIMITED EDITION single "We're The Garbage Pail Kids" "1980s Was So Great" CDs. There are literally THOUSANDS of items so that's why i will be putting up a box at a time, it takes a bit to log and post to the website so hang in there! DRCHUD will be the GHOUL OF HONOR this Halloween in FT. Tickets have just gone on sale and are available HERE. Thanks to everyone who purchased this years Drumstick It was the biggest selling Drumstick in the 18 years making them! Doors @ 7pm, 21+For the first time ever DRCHUD is endorsed by a drumstick company.

Please contact me if your interested in purchasing this model for playing purposes OR contact [email protected] If you want the NEW AUTOGRAPHED MODEL click A few years back we had a really bad ice storm here in New Jersey, there was alot of damage to property and homes, I wasn't ammune and had extensive damage to my property.

- DRCHUD MODEL JX-L - They are all new and not easy to find!

DRCHUD will be signing taking photos all 3 days with fellow bandmate DOYLE WOLFGANG VON FRANKENSTEIN! CHUD will be bringing X-tremely RARE items from his "CREEPY ATTIC" with him and showing off his newest toy creation from Hideaki Hatta who created the MISFITS vinyl dolls!! The first DRCHUD stick made by SILVERFOX DRUMSTCKS in MA.


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