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And that desensitization sometimes even invades the minds of young people in our churches.It’s why the church must provide sensible alternatives to the movies and TV shows that glamorize teen sexuality.

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But the question triggered within me the renewed realization of how dissimilar the Christian worldview often is from the secular view.

As a parent, this contrast is particularly observable because our values often deviate from the ideals of popular culture.

Consider with me the typical “dating” shows on television.

So let’s return to the question: Should Christians kiss while dating?

Out of 271 poll respondents, 134 said kissing is acceptable while dating, while 71 said it was not acceptable and 66 were unsure.

Many of those who said kissing is acceptable added that it should be disciplined and the couple should discuss guidelines early on in the relationship and make a commitment to not cross those boundaries. But I would add young Christian couples should understand that their commitments of purity are virtually insignificant if they are made absent of total dependence on Jesus Christ to be the authority of that commitment.

The Christia poll noted, “Many people in our culture today have become desensitized to what is right and wrong.” Sadly, this is true.

In these broadcasts, the subjects frequently allude to their sexual experiences and are often seen engaging in heavy kissing (and more) on their instigated first “dates.” I often wonder how many little kids watch these shows and subsequently, and tragically, believe that this is what is supposed to happen on a date.

We live in a time when the beautiful innocence of our children’s minds is infiltrated, uninvited, by our sin-sick culture. Upon reading the aforementioned poll, I immediately thought of 1 Peter : “And if you call upon Him as [your] Father Who judges each one according to what he does, [then] you should conduct yourselves with true reverence throughout the time of your temporary residence on earth, whether long or short” (Amplified Bible).

That is not only the key to Christian dating protocol; it is the key to life in Jesus Christ.

It is a key we must cling to and constantly impress upon our children.


  1. Well, you have reached the place you were looking for my friend, because in there it’s all about sex and submission in a way that can be a reminiscence of things going on in the seventeenth century, when slavery was abolished, ending a lot of people’s grief and pain.

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